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Machine embroidery is the most durable and one
of the most demanding textile decoration
processes of our time. It is one of the most
exacting forms of cooperate commercial
appearance, uniquely embroided clothing. The
embroided surface does not wear away, doesn’t
get fragmented, it is durable and has an excellent
quality and an aesthetic appearance. Thanks to
the 100% polyester threads, the embroidery does
not leach out dye even when washing at high
temperatures. We also undertake sample design
works, if required. Form your company’s image
with our assistance!

Types of Embroidery: Logos, Different Figures,
Emblems, Texts. We undertake machine
embroidery of following materials: T-shirts, shirts,
workwears, towels, standards, caps, textil badges,
sportswear, jerseys, shoes, bedding

We undertake embroidery: /- For the products
manufactured by us- For products manufactured
by the customer

Unique embroidery is made with Tajima
embroidery machines:
-6 heads with 12 needles embroidery
performance: 1000 stitches / minute

-4 heads and 12 needles embroidery
performance: 1000 stitches / minute

One of the most exact forms of corporate
appearance with advertising space is clothing with
a distinctive caption. Form your company’s image
into perfection with our help! We also undertake
sample design., if required. This procedure is
especially recommended for printing texts and
emblems. Screen printed surfaces are durable,
have good quality, and are aesthetic.

This procedure is only done for large-batch jobs.
Screen printing is only undertaken for products
manufactured by us.


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